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SOTA is an acronym for “State of the Art,” meaning the highest level of development. SOTA Imaging has delivered “State-of-the-Art” technologies to customers around the globe since 1987. Founded in Orange County, CA as an R&D company focused on optical system development, the facility is now the top intraoral manufacturing facility in the world and is a leading developer of X-ray sensors and dental imaging software. SOTA technologies have been used by NASA, IBM, research universities, R&D Labs, and some of the most recognized dental intraoral cameras, including the Gendex Accucam, Digital Doc Iris, Ultracam, Vipercam and the Dentrix Imagecam to name a few.

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There are many things to consider when going digital, from office integration, practice management, networking, staff training to what products best suit your particular practice. Here at SOTA, we have over 25 years experience working within the industry as a whole and inside offices side-by-side with doctors.

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Hardware quality and compatibility is important when it comes to imaging equipment in a dental practice. Thankfully, all new Direct Integration or DI technology from SOTA Imaging’s R&D lab in Orange, CA breaks barriers for Dexis users. Dentists now have … Continue reading

SOTA Imaging: Leaders of Intraoral Camera Technology

SOTA Imaging has a 27+ year history in lens assembly and OEM manufacturing for a variety of leading intraoral cameras over the past decade.