Claris i4D Intraoral Camera-New

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Increase case-acceptance

The typical dental patient will have limited knowledge regarding their problems before diagnosis. Although dentists understand what x-ray images convey, patients most often do not. Intraoral camera images can reveal broken/worn fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, and caries. Sharing intraoral camera images enable the patient to be an active participant in treatment decisions. As a result, patient confidence is boosted, increasing levels of case-acceptance.

Improve Patient Experience

Due to costs, anxiety, and pain, dentist office visits can be a bad experience for many patients. Improving patient experience and confidence should be a goal for all dentists. With the conveniences of modern technology, dentists have the power to improve their patient experience in order to secure recall appointments and future visits.

The SOTA Solution


The Claris i4D Intraoral Camera Solution

The Claris i4D Intraoral camera is the highest quality intraoral camera in the dental market for its price. One of the only intraoral cameras manufactured in the U.S. today, the Claris i4D boasts a unique high quality lens focus. As a manufacturer that has optics in the NASA hubble telescope, we’re positive you can get an amazing image of teeth from our Claris i4D.

Our Claris i4D Intraoral camera specs:

  • Highest quality relay optics technology
  • Precision controlled sliding, variable focus
  • 8 white ultra LED lights
  • Light ON/OFF capability
  • Ergonomical hand piece weighing only 2.4 oz
  • Unique stability image capture
  • Secure direct Monster USB cable connection
  • Imager – Sony Super HAD Color 1/4”
  • Resolution – 720 X 480 Pixels
  • Frame Rate – 30 Fps Max
  • Software Interface – Twain, WDM
  • Data Format – YUV 4:2:2. ITU-R 656
  • Field of View – CCD
  • Focus Range – 4mm-infinity
  • Focus Type – Variable Focus
  • Signal to Noise Ratio – 51 Db
  • Video Output – 4mm-infinity
  • Power Requirements – 5v Dc, Powered By USB Port
  • Weight – 2.4 Oz
  • Dimensions – 8.3(L) X 0.85(W) X 1.15(H) Inches

Every Claris i4D comes with:

  • LIFETIME tech support with remote log-in
  • 2 year warranty-parts & labor
  • 7 ft. Monster® USB Cable with latch connector
  • Sample pack 50 ea. Sheaths
  • Cable Holder
  • Cradle
  • User Guide
  • Driver CD