Intraoral camera with 8 white LED lights paired with optimized raytrace optical technology help produce the highest quality images.

For over 25 years, SOTA has been producing optics, having designed for NASA satellite telescopes, ensuring you only the best and most sophisticated technology.

Ergonomic design weighing only 2.4 oz. Unique precision control sliding focus is designed to take both extra close and full facial images.

Superior image stability: unlike other
intraoral cameras, the Claris i4D’s
unique silicon button captures
photos upon release rather
than contact.

The Claris i4D is equipped with the industry’s best
Monster® USB 2.0 cables for optimum image

Our unique, detachable cable allows
for efficient op-to-op transport
and provides long-term
product durability.

The Claris i4D’s unique optic technology allows for the highest image fidelity. With a SONY® CCD Sensor, you can count on sharp, accurate images. Made in the USA, the Claris i4D is in a class of its own. Be assured of top quality parts expertly engineered. 2-year manufacturer warranty, including parts and labor.

Why Our Optics Are The Best

“Showed least image distortion
in laboratory testing.”

-ADA Product Review

Image Gallery

Actual Photos from Claris i4D

“Very good image quality.”

-Reality Product Review


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